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ZoneFlex 7441 access point for Wi-Fi on coax distributed antenna systems (DAS)

Wi-Fi has rapidly become the de facto solution for providing indoor wireless data services. Wi-Fi is inexpensive, popular with data users, and available on all data centric devices, whereas distributed antenna systems have long been the preferred solution for providing indoor mobile coverage. Both technologies can provide a neutral host solution where the subscribers of any mobile operator can be easily connected. Typically these are deployed as parallel networks in many venues, but with the ZoneFlex 7441 access point it is now possible to deploy Wi-Fi over an existing DAS network enabling operators of DAS systems to create and market Wi-Fi services for property management, building operations, guest access and even wholesale Wi-Fi HotSpot services across a building.

The ZoneFlex 7441 is an excellent way to get started with Wi-Fi in a simple, quick, and cost effective manner.

Easy to deploy and cost effective

  • High power output enable RF signals across a large DAS footprint
  • Plug and play with flexible mounting and powering options into an existing DAS infrastructure quickly deploys universal in building Wi-Fi coverage