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ONLY DOWNLOAD if you have SpeedFlex or a Ruckus Wireless network

SpeedFlex is a wireless performance testing tool. Based on the open source performance test tool, SpeedFlex, this comprehensive yet easy to use application from Ruckus gives users a simple way to collect site performance data. It can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment. Simply connect to a SpeedFlex server such as a Ruckus ZoneFlex AP or ZoneDirector - and you can instantly test network throughput. Easily capture real time through put, packet loss and site data. Take pictures and send an email with the results packaged in a PDF.

  • Throughput based analysis
  • Instantly attach core location data to results (GPS)
  • Test throughput by TCP/UDP and UP/DOWN
  • Generate email with results and location data