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The Industry's Most Scalable and Versatile WLAN Platform

The SmartCell Gateway (SCG) 200 represents the first in a new category of scalable and versatile WLAN controllers with support for 3GPP compatible WLAN gateway functionality. It has been designed to eliminate the difficulties operators are experiencing with building and managing large-scale Wi-Fi RANs and integrating them into the mobile packet core. The latter is required for a truly scalable heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployment. Capabilities include:

  • Massively Scalable WLAN Controller
  • Support for WLAN Gateway Functionality per 3GPP Standards
  • Integrated Element Management System Support
  • Support for Hotspot 2.0 functionality

Large-Scale Access Point Controller

The SCG-200 offers one of the industry's most scalable WLAN controller architectures, through a unique, dynamically scalable clustering model that maintains carrier-class availability and resiliency through N+1 redundancy and hot-swappable components. An SCG-200 cluster can support tens of thousands of Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi APs and hundreds of thousands of concurrent Wi-Fi subscribers, with an aggregate throughput of 20Gbps per 2RU's of rack space. The SCG's carrier-class element management system (EMS) can be integrated into an operator's central NMS via standard data exchange interfaces, providing feature-rich management of access points, such as RF management, load balancing, adaptive meshing and backhaul optimization.

WLAN Gateway Support

The SCG 200 can provide Trusted WLAN Gateway functionality per 3GPP TS 23.402 (June 2012). Trusted WLAN Gateway functionality allows a Wi-Fi RAN to connect to a P-GW (or GGSN) in the mobile packet core over industry standard interfaces and using standard protocols like GTP and PMIP. This approach utilizes 802.1x/EAP for secure authentication and 802.11i for Wi-Fi airlink encryption. These protocols are supported on all smartphones, as they are required as part of the Wi-Fi Alliance's WPA2??-certification program. The SCG 200 can also directly interface with mobile packet core AAA or HLR/HSS systems for client authentication and policy setting.

Local Breakout

The SCG 200 can also offload traffic directly to the Internet. This would usually be the case when the traffic is not SIM-based, and would not benefit from being backhauled to the mobile packet core. Examples here include tablets and laptops, which in most cases do not have cellular modems. Local breakout requires that selected services be performed at the SCG 200, most of which would normally be provided in the mobile packet core.

Carrier-class Element Management System

The SCG 200 provides an integrated carrier-class element management system (EMS) that can be used for rapid deployment and eliminates the need for separate and expensive management systems. The built-in EMS provides user-friendly full-fledged FCAPS support and can be easily integrated with existing OSS/BSS systems via a variety of interfaces ranging from traditional SNMP or CLI based interfaces to web programming friendly secure API based methods (RESTful JSON).